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Apartments: Finding the right pad

Published , February 17, 2000, 01:00:01 AM EDT

You can't be too picky when apartment hunting in Athens. Stains on the carpet and that goo on top of the kitchen cabinets are pretty much a standard around here.

Of course, some apartment complexes are better than others.

If you set up camp in Pineview, you'll have a great parking spot for the Llama Rama.

And if you call River Mill home, you can say goodbye to that commuter pass.

'I really like the location,' said Amber Walls, a senior from Newnan who lives in River Mill. 'It's close to campus, and I don't have to drive to class. It's so convenient.'

Walls pays $340 a month for the two-bedroom apartment.

One setback, Walls said, is that she has to haul her dirty clothes to a central laundromat.

During football season, people would kill for her stomping ground.

'It's really fun during football games,' she said. 'We watch the fans tailgate in the Reed parking lot across the street.'

Location seems to be one of the biggest determining factors for apartment hunters.

Dave Gibbs, a junior from Woodstock, rents a two-bedroom apartment for $320 a month at Moose Club.

While pointing out the ample parking and lush landscaping, Gibbs said he really can't find any problems with Moose Club.

'It's mostly upperclassmen,' he said. 'It stays pretty quiet so you can study.'

Riverbend apartments also are in a good location, said

Heather Venter, a junior from Clearwater, Fla.

'It's really close to school,

so you can wake up five minutes before class and still get there on time,' she said.

Venter pays $280 a month for her four-bedroom apartment and says after looking around, her place is tiny considering the cost.

Venter hit on the one thing that's on every college student's mind -- money. There are some nice apartments out there for as little as $250 a month -- you just have to find them fast.

Chris Poole, a senior from Brunswick, pays $295 for his town house in Polo Club.

'I think it's a very affordable price,' he said, pointing out the complex's extra facilities such as the pool, fitness center and volleyball court.

An added bonus is how close Polo Club is to Kroger and the fast food joints on Barnett Shoals Road.

Poole's only complaint is parking. 'Our spaces are always full,' he said.

One of the most common problems it seems is thin walls -- a real inconvenience when you're trying to study and your neighbors are blaring their stereo.

'The walls are paper-thin,' said Leigh DiAngelo, a senior from Snellville who resides in College Park. 'The people that live here are really loud and like to pull the fire alarms.'

One of the most unique things about College Park, besides the continuous sirens, is that you can rent movies from the management office.

College Park is also one of the few furnished complexes in Athens.

'For me, that's a good thing because I really don't have any furniture,' said Jessica Tanner, a senior from Macon who lives in University Commons. 'It's pretty stylish, but not at all comfortable,' she said.

If you haven't started looking around for a place to live next year, get on the ball now. A lot of places completely fill up by March.

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