April 7, 2020 - Jella

Jina and Ella wanted to put on a "restaurant night" for us.

We were greeted that morning with invitations.

We arrived to the restaurant on time and were brought to a private, well-appointed table.

We found menus.

So cute!

We selected a wine and our hostesss got to work.

Ella took our order, then retreated to the kitchen and go to work.

The first course was a caprese salad.

The mains were our empanada selections.

We're having a great time!

After the entrees, we're brought dessert menus.

We actually got a sneak peak at the seating chart (and the notes for our orders).

Ella and Jina get back to work/

Chocolate-covered strawberries!

The girls did such a good job putting on restaurant night for us. We felt so special.
Thanks, Ella & Jina!