April 1-5, 2020 - Quarantine Spring

April starts off like every other months... with Ella finding somewhere comfy to read.

Ella also finds some Belgian chocolate that Paul had given her a couple of weeks ago.

With the weather being nice, neighbors start to meet up for socially-distances social hours in the street. The roads are ideal because everyone is staying home, so we're almost never interrupted by passing cars.

Various forms of kicking balls is the most common pasttime.

More reading,

then beddtime. That's pretty much our routine.

Sure, we mix it up with fingernail painting.

We find projects like planting an herb garden.
(We plastified the back of the SUV so Pike's Nursery could safely place a few flats in the back.)

Wine and apps on an especially pretty afternoon.

Cooking has become a more serious hobby.

We take Jina up to Big Canoe for hike.

The covered bridge trail was a good place to start.

We love crossing the stream on the little bridges and rocks.

The dogwoods at the house are gorgeous.
We also raid just about every bit of food and toilet paper and bring it back to Cumming.