March 21-29, 2020 - Lego Challenge

As we start our first weekend of quarantine, we finally have that Lego Challenge that we've been thinking about for a while.

Jill hosts and judges as we all separate to our own areas with identical sets of pieces.

Challenge #1: Build the tallest free-standing structure in 30 minutes.

Jina builds on a chair for effect, but comes in 3rd.

Ella comes in second place.

Scott wins the the first competition.

Now come the cars... See whose car makes it down a section of the street the fastest from a stopped-start.

After a few rounds of races, the placements are the same.

The next day, Challenge #3 is the longest freestanding structure to be built off the lego table top.
We each get a side, but build face-to-face-to-face, so you get motivated by each other.

Ella's fell toward the end, but she quickly rebuilt it to get 2nd place.

The 4th Challenge is picking a piece of Barbie furniture and building a similarly-sized creation.
Ella builds a chaise longue.

Scott builds a throne and tries to butter-up judge Jill with a foot rest.

Jina wins with her striped pool lounger.

The 5th and Final Challenge is a piece of beach-themed art.
Jina has an oceanside with floats and a table with an umbrella.

Ella creates a person on taking a selfie under an umbrella with a water bottle.

Scott creates sea life under waves.
(The things on the far right are a manta ray swimming to the right in front of a cruise ship in the distance.)
Big thanks to Jill for hosting and judging the challenges!!