March 18-22, 2020 - Starting Quarantine

While we were at the airport, about to head to Buffalo, we got alerts that school was going to be all-virtual starting the next week. Many other counties were not setup for that, so were canceling school the next week while they figured out what to do about the new virus that was surging to dozens of reported cases per day in Georgia (and none in Forsyth County).
We decided to go on the trip anyway, had a great time, and came home to a very differnt situation.

Ella attends school the first day on her iPad with her travel headphones (not yet packed away) and a mini keyboard.

The first night, we want to do something fun, so we break out Catan Junior (a gift from Palak).

Morning #2, Ella uses a laptop that I had cobbled together from computers Bridget had given us that I had not destroyed yet. The last hard drive only fit in the wrong laptop, so the drivers didn't work, it was duct taped into position, and we had to hard-wire internet through a repeater,

but it did the trick. Thanks Bridget!

Night #2 featured a fingernail party.

I got into Jeopardy on Alexa.

Day 3 (well, day 4 if you count Sunday night) features our true new pasttime.

The weekend saw the girls helping with yardwork.

We harvest some of the excessive sage and dry it for the pantry.

Harvesting random flowers to brighten up the house.

We also play some tricks on each other, like moving the big cat around to scary places.

Ella was not happy with me in the morning.