March 12-13, 2020 - Niagara Falls

We take Ella out of school an hour early and hang out at the Sky Club, where we start to get messages and notifications that Forsyth County schools will be all-virtual next week while they figure out what to do about this new Coronovirus that has jusrt spiked from 5-10 cases per day in Georgia to 16 cases on March 11.
We think about it, but decide to take the trip anyway.

The drive from Buffalo to Niagara Falls and across the border is pleasant, but we're eager to get to the hotel.

We're rewarded with a wonderful view of the falls.

We walk to the casino (which is almost empty) and have a nice Italian meal (where we may have been the only table), then wander down the hill towards the river and falls, where we encoutner some brave bunnies.

We can frequently see the Falls as they and their spray are lit up at night, but we can always hear them wherever we go.

Night-shots with the lights.

We get back at the hotel very late, but the girls saw a garden tub in the room, so you know...

The next morning, we take a long walk to an adorable inn for brunch, then head to the Falls to meet Paul and Farnaz.
We're historically bad with pictures on this trip. I think part of our minds are working on how the world is changing while we're on vacation, but we're still having a great time.
When we see Paul and Farnaz (who is coming straight from the airport off a flight from SFO), we're not sure if we're supposed to shake hands, use hand sanitizer first or what. There are no guidleines (no suggestions of masks or distancing). I think we settled on everying using hand sanitizer and then we hug. (Looking back only weeks later, that seems so naive. Ignorant, but cute.)

There is no one in line at the ticket counter and no wait anywhere. We walk straight through and down to the tunnels under the Falls and have entire hallways and windows to ourselves.

Ella and Farnaz hit it off instantly and are buds. They admire the gushing water and tolerate the spray when it occassionally blows in on them.

I guess Ella was happy to warm up and peruse a gift shop.

Back out by the Falls, we take a few parting shots before heading for Niagara on the Lake.