February 17, 2020 - Family Day in Calgary

We ski all the way down to the lower base station at Banff Sunshine, then head to Calgary for Family Day.

First stop: Bowness Park, which is a larga lagoon that freezes every winter,

plus several long "ice trails" that go under bridges to other areas in the park.

We're so amused by people being pulled by their dogs!

We struggle a bit on the uneven surface (both from not being zambonied and from general ice expansion creating small and unexpected rises in the ice).

But we skate everywhere we can and enjoy the experience.

Curliing was a highlight.
First, you find the most awkward position you can on the ice,

Then you hurl the iron a lot shorter than you think while locals look on in horror to what you're doing to their sport.

We play several games,

but I can't say we got much better.

We make it to our downtown hotel in time for it to start snowing.

We walk to the Plus 15s and to dinner.
(We don't have pictures of the Plus 15s because in true Mulcay fashion, we hit a dead end after not too far [for which I blame unpublished holiday hours] and have to go back to the street level.)

Back on the streets, we enjoy the Stephen Avenue Walk that is 8th Street.

The ice carvings are a nice touch.
No pictures of dinner at Saltlik, but that was nice.
It was so cold, we Ubered back to the hotel,

where a warm pool was waiting.

It is getting late, so we better go to sleep before returning to the real world tomorrow.