October 2, 2019 - Falconing at Ashford

Today is going to be a big day... One of the other main reasons we chose to go to Ireland (and specifically Ashford)...

We're at the falconry - and we find Milly, the bird that Jill flew back in 2009.

Ella starts getting her instructions - and she is super excited!

Finally holding her hawk.

She loves animals so much... this is a real treat.

Ready to go on our hawk walk!

Learning to fly her hawk...

...and learning to catch.
("Be a good tree, Ella.")

Oddly, another hawk got away from another group, so we rounded it up.

We very briefly ended up with three hawks...

One of the hawks perches atop a guard tower.

Another on a bush.

It is so cool just watching them fly off, then fly back.

What a great forest!

By now, I forgot how to pronounce this, but this is one that we flew.

Then we get a bit of a surprise... We get to hang out with an owl.

We get to hold him

and even fly him!

What a great day of birding.