Sept 6-9, 2019 - NYC and the Cursed Child on Broadway

We made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take Ella out of school one weekend and go to NYC to see a very special play.

So one Friday around lunchtime, we pick Ella up and head to ATL.

A few hours later, we're landing at LGA.

A few hours after that, we're roaming around Manhattan. As is tradition, we have to ride Macy's wooden escalators.

The next morning, we take a subway way way out to the Bronx.

The Zoo!

Yeah, that sign isn't helping anyone.

Eataly... we have a great dinner, then gelato.

Sunday is the big day... we walk the length of the highline.

Then have an over-the-top lunch at a fittingly NY Italian restaurant.

Then off to the whole point... the Lyric Theatre for Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

We queue up and get inside

in time to check out some of the interesting artwork and other attractions...

But we do have some time to kill before the seating opens.

Finally, our seats for part 1.

Hours later, we flee the theatre for a quick French dinner, then go back to the Lyric for part 2...
Yep, it is ~5 hours of Broadway, but it is totally amazing.

After a long day, we take a petticab back to the hotel.

Monday is for bagels (and skipping school).
Back to reality tonight/tomorrow...