April 5, 2019 - Italy - Colosseo

We had breakfast at a strange night club/coffee shop, where the food was good but the highlight was the bizarre placement of the restroom sinks.

Then we walk to the scenic ruins at Largo di Torre Argentina.

We take it in from all angles - and try to count all of the stray cats that call this square home.

Then it is off to the Forum,

but first, we explore what is reported to be St. Peters prison (where he was held before execution), but the whole exhibit didn't make a lot of sense to us.
Regardless, the girls liked seeing bones from former residents, as well as walking down to the jail in the basement.

No - into the Forum, where the game of the day is walking from rock to rock.

...and feeding birds some of the terrible Florentine bread we've been toting around for days.

The highlight of the day - the Colosseum!

But first, let's get rid of the rest of our stale bread.

After a short line (no joke; we only waited about 20-30 minutes), we're in!

What an amazing view!