April 5, 2019 - Italy - Catacombs, Dinner, Trevi, and Goodbye

We should have gone straight to lunch, but instead, we hopped in a cab to get away from the crowds and headed to the Catacombs of St. Callixtus.

Our guided tour takes us into the labyrinthine halls, most of which date back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D.
(Cameras are not allowed, so these are stock photos.)

St. Cecelia was entombed in this spot. The statue was added later. The face-down position is how she is said to have prayed for three days and nights, prior to being martyred.

Unwittingly taking our lives into our own hands, we walk along the Appian Way for a mile or so.

After a lot of walking and eventually a taxi, we make it back to Rome.

Dinner is at my kind of restaurant! THe wine menu is much larger than its culinary counterpart.

Waiters search for wines on racks above the guests' tables, then use a grabber to retract them (with a nice net for safety).

The pre-dinner ritual.

We really enjoyed staying so close to the Pantheon.
It is humbling and inspiring to walk past it every morning and evening.

Back to della Palma!

Then one last trip to the Trevi, to make doubly-sure we're coming back!

It was a great day - and a fabulous trip!

After 20000+ steps every day for a week (and 30+ for Carlama in Paris), the girls are exhausted.

One last marathon,

Then we say our goodbye...

...until the next adventure!