April 3, 2019 - Italy - To Rome!

After morning lattes, we start the suitcase marathon back across the Ponte Vecchio,

around some corners,

and to Santa Maria Novella, where we stop for a pastry.

Then we wait until our platform is listed.

Once in Rome, we go straight to Massimo's flat to cook lunch.

His small kitchen is well-appointed for a cooking demonstration

- and for the girls to help.

It has been a big day already.

Check in, drop bags, immediately go to the Trevi Fountain so we can assure our future return to Rome.

Then weaving back through the city, we go to the Parthenon, 1/2 block from our apartment.

We eventually find dinner and have a good meal, but the highlight was lemoncello.

Ella loves the smell, so she decides to try it again.

The waitress leaves the bottle (~1/2 full at the time) on the table. We had already said we didn't want any leftovers, so we finished it.

At that time, gelato sounded like a good idea, so we head to a Venchi.

Paul seems very serious about his order.

Afterwards, we find something even sweeter, a huge fluffy white dog.