April 1, 2019 - Italy - Parks, Playgrounds, and Pigions

Every day starts with a walk past the Duomo.

Today, we go to the Stibbert Museum Garden.

The back of the musuem is covered with house crests from old buildings, gates, etc.

There is something like cottonwood in the air (and on the ground). It looks so much like snow that Paul takes videos. We think it is some sort of poplar.

Spending some energy at a playground.

Beware the dragon fountain.

Waiting on lunch...

And there is is - quite the salumi board!

Our first gelato (but not for Paul and Carmala)!

We saved some bread from lunch.
(This'll be a recurring theme.)

Cool map!

Never tired of this bridge.

But we are tired, in general.

Oooo... that's a nice energy-booster! Thanks Paul!