January, 2019 - Lots of Stuff Going On

We go to Six Flags on one of the last days of the season.
It was a pretty day and we had the place to ourselves for a while.

Shameless self promotion or evidence of a computer glitch?
(No way I scored in the top 1% of all-time.)

Ella excitedly starts spending some of her Christmas money.

We stay up late to watch the lunar eclipse.

Very cool.

We started raising triops, a sort of prehistoric shrimp-like thingy.
They're kinda fun, but I can't say I really recommend it.

Auth Martha, Uncle John, Aunt Caroline, and Uncle Wayne are all in town and come over to visit, so Ella puts on a short concert.

It is a cold day, so we go hit Sky Zone for some play-time.

Afterwards, we go to a Colombian restaurant, which Kathy loves.

The food was great!

Just a funny pic. If Ella is reading, we can abandon her in a parking lot.

Enjoying Chateau Meichtry with bottle club members, Lolly & Pop.
(OK. I cheated. This was Feb. It just didn't fit on another page.)