November 10-18, 2018 - Autumn at Big Canoe and Home

Mid-November in north Georgia is a great time to take a hike up Mount Oglethorpe.

Bill and Carey join us.

Taking a break from a scooter-walk on the Ridge.

The next day, we take another hike, this time up Sawnee Mountain to the Indial Seats.

Jill surprises Ella by joining her for lunch at school.

Autumn means warm fires.

Ella has a stressful paper due at school, so she gets a rare and very small dose of encouragement.

The girls fall asleep together.

Tonight, we try something new...

First, cook the rabbit with some veggies,

then stuff some raviolis.

Ella gets into the action.

So good.

For later in the week, we finally have some ripe lemons from our tree.