September 28, 2018 - Iceland: Day 7: Whale Museum, Blue Lagoon

To start the day, we check out the Whale Museum.

Its an audio tour of 20-ish life-size models, plus bones and other exhibits.

Then we head to the end of the road - some far west lighthouse near Reykjavik.

Then drive for a while so Ella can read.

Finally, we check-in at our room at the Blue Lagoon's Silica Hotel.

We make the long hike over black lava, past pools of various shades,

To the changing room, then the lagoon.

The lagoon is comprised of various features like waterfalls, caves, and multiple pools.

We're treated first to a silica mask.

Then we have a drink at a walk-up bar.

Quick facts:
- 9M cubic feet of water - the lagoon temp is 100F - the water comes from 6500 below the earth - the water is renewed every 40 hours

Then we have the mineral mask.

We have a nice meal at Lava, then go back to the Silica for a dip in its lagoon.

Jill joins us outside on the cold, windy air, then goes back inside to watch from a warmer spot.

Eventually we come back in play in the spa area.

Tubin' in Icelan'