September 27, 2018 - Iceland: Day 6: Reykjavik

On the 6th day, we head to Laugardalur, which pretty much feels like we're still in Reykjavik, to head to the Family Park and Zoo.
They have lots of local fauna, like arctic foxes (which look like they're in disguise since they're in their black, summer coats.

Frolicking reindeer.

Big horn sheep.

And cool playgrounds!

We head to the other side of town to an open-air museum called rbr. It is kind of like Colonial Williamsburg, the Agrirama, or Skansen in that it has many buildings and exhibits that illustrate Icelandic town life through the ages.

It features a large church full of classic toys and playthings,

another small chapel,

a country farmhouse, and more - all of which Ella loved exploring.

Finally, a little gift shopping...
Ella buys a super-soft lamb and names it skyr (after the Icelandic yogurt treat).

Sun Voyager.

Walking along the sea wall towards the Harpa Concert Hall (but we soon take a left and go home to get ready for dinner).

We've had whale (twice) and horse. We skipped on puffin. What's left?
The famous fermented Icelandic shark.

Ella has a little bite.

She considers it, then actually goes back for seconds.
It is very pungent. I gave her a larger bite this next time.

Ella grabs mom's wine to wash it down.
The rest of the meal was great. Basically all of the food was great. Expensive, but we expected that. But we had a really good time.
One more big experience is coming up for our last day...