September 25, 2018 - Iceland: Day 3: Ŝingvellir, Ice Cave, arriving in Reykjavik

As we leave the Gulfoss region, we head through the Ŝingvellir National Park.
This is the rift valley that devides the North American and European tectonic plates.

Odd sign for a famously cold place...

Yep, you can snorkel in the rift canyon.
It is a very damp ~35F today, so bitter cold to be in the air.


As we leave, we pass the area where ancient Icelanders held the world's first parliament (from the year 930 until 1798).

On our way into Reyjkavik, we stop by a science museum to learn about volcanoes, geysirs, local fauna, and explore a -15F ice cave.

Our first good view of the city... that church spire is our beacon, as we're staying a few blocks away.

Also on our way in (gosh, it seems like we've spent all day 'arriving' in Reykjavik), we stop by one of Europe's first Costcos. This entire cooler is dedicated to various cuts of lamb.

Then we hit a wine shop just before closing. We thouhgt Lolly & Pop would love to see the huge selection of boxed wine!

Then we finally check in to our Airbnb.
It is so cute!

I park the car, then duck into that big church to hear either a modern organist or a homeless person taking out some frustration on innocent ears.