September 23, 2018 - Iceland: Day 2: falls, glacier, and farm

One thing we learn quickly in Iceland, if you want to see a rainbow, either look harder or just wait a minute. (Probably the former.)

We head south and east toward Skógafoss ("foss" being waterfall, so get used to it).

More scenery.

It is a pleasant drive here.

Finally, we're walking around Sólheimajökull (where "jökull" is glacier).

A parting view of Sólheimajökull, with a faint rainbow.

Tired puppy.

We have dinner on a local farm (with a great steak app), on the second story so we can look down

at cows having their dinner right below us.

The food was amazing, but the highlight was the ice cream from the creamery back downstairs,

so we can eat and watch the cows at eye level.

It was such amazing ice cream!