September 1-15, 2018 - Early September

Ella is feeling a bit under the weather, so...

Lolly & Pop bring over a treat to cheer her up.

...and we make pretzels.

The next day, we head to Six Flags, but the only two pics we have are of her reading in line.

The next weekend, we go to the Big Canoe Animal Rescue, where we meet Shaggy, a great pyranese that is being rehabilitated before he finds a new home.

He's a super-sweet dog!

Its a concert weekend!
It doesn't look like a popular show.

The girls enjoy themselves.

Then Elvis takes the floor.

Lolly gets an unprompted serenade.
It was cheesey, but I surprisingly liked it a lot!
The company is always great, but it really was a good show.