March 31-April 8, 2018 - Whistler

Continuing our skiing adventures, we head up to Vancouver,

Then the scenic, coastal-mountain drive to Whistler.
(Then crash hard.)

We wake up to Easter Morning, where we treat Ella to a small and short Easter Egg Hunt in the villa.

Inside the plastic eggs are candy eggs - and one special treat...

Super Mario Odyssey, which Ella immediately loves (though she doesn't play it until later in the day).

Since we brought the Nintendo with us, we play some Kart as well.

But we're here for the slopes - and my are they gorgeous.

There are also ski-thru playgrounds.

One of the highlights is the massive Peak-2-Peak Gondola, a record-shattering mode of transportation that takes skiiers between the mid-mountains.

We end up riding it (twice, there and back) almost every day.

It is a bit scary up there...

There are two great restaurants on the mountain, one near each peak.

Treats abound, like this amazing apple cider.

And chocolates.

Another highlight is snowmobiling.

Despite this pose, Ella rides on the back of one of our sleds most of the time.

However, we did get to a place where she got her own snowmobile to drive.

...and man, did she carve it up!

Whistler was a great trip!

We skiied all over, as a family.