December 8, 2017 - Monica arrives!

The snow starts after Ella headed off to school and I went to the airport.

It is sticking on the deck before 11am.

Meanwhile, Monica takes an earlier flight (which may be the only reason she made it to Atlanta today).

The yard is looking really pretty,

but the roads are getting nasty.

Ella's school releases early, so Jill heads up to get Ella.

Meanwhile, Moni and I arrive home just in time.

Jill and Moni meet.

Just two minutes after we pull up, the bus pulls up as well.

Moni meets Ella.

Family pictures...

The house looks really wintry.

The sunroom is very festive.

Snow has really started to build up on the back deck.

Catching snowflakes.

Time to make a snowman.

Ella disagrees... time to sled!

A mini snowman guards our steaks.

Frozen trees in the back yard.

So glad we got home before all of this hit the ground!