July 12, 2017 - Arriving in Havana

Our boat sails into Havana Bay.

The fortress of Del Morro stands guard on one side.

On the other is Havana.

Avenida Del Puerto, which continues for miles along the harbor, then the beach.

Busses and old cars parade by with their drivers waving excitedly.

We walk around the boat, taking in the sights from all angles.

We stop for a photo op as we disembark.

We meet Paul's colleague, Vanessa, at the lion fountain in Plaza de San Francisco.

Since it is hot, we mostly hide in the shade of Basilica San Francisco de Asis.

But we take a moment here and there to look around the plaza while we wait, north to the fountain...

East to the cruise terminal...

Southwest along the side of the church...

Paul spots Vanessa, so we begin walking.

Frequent stops allow us to discuss the Cuban culture and share some of ours with Vanessa.