June 7-25, 2017 - What a busy month!

Taking a quick break at White Water to refuel before hitting more water slides!

The Botanical Garden is beautiful this time of year, with some of Jill's favorites

and Ella's (who is enamored with pitcher plants).

A pesto squash dish stole the show at Iberian Pig.

Drying off after a day at the Wildcat pool.

Dancing queens.

Pop talks to "white pants," who for the first time, isn't wearing white pants.

Stuffing our own snails!

Ella is excited, but decides she prefers to pre-stuffed ones we normally make at home.

The McMahons visit for a few days before everyone congregates at mom's house.
While they're here, Megan and Ella share a bed.

Over at mom's, I read a princess book to Annaliese.
I try to convince her that I must be a princess because I'm brave and beautiful and like to wear gowns.

The rest of the group looks on as I try to prove my point.

Annaliese is still not convinced.

Cherry-seed spitting!

Generally hanging out!

So blessed to have such a close family (in spirit, if not in geography).