April 22, 2017 - Botanical Garden with Stella

We pick up Ella's friend, Stella, and head to Waffle House for breakfast.

We head into town, and surprisingly under the section of I-85 that collapsed due to a fire a month before.

When we get to the Botanical Garden, we go straight to the Children's Garden.

The highlight of the morning was building a house of our balsa.

The girls make chairs inside.

The long walk to the other side of the garden for the ladybug activities.

First, wet the vegetation that you're about to use for the ladybug release.

Stella and Ella try to teach us how to play with the parachute.

Into the Conservatory, where we search for turtles.

The vanilla is flowering!

Pretty girls.

We have a picnic and more playtime at Piedmont Park.

Then a quick treat.

Finally, we duck back into the Botanical Garden to do the canopy walk before the long drive home.