April 11-30, 2017

For a school project, Ella drew herself in the future.

The Easter petting zoo at Big Canoe has a baby armadillo!

Ready for the egg hunt!

Playing croquet with Lolly and Pop after the festival.

Making devilled egg chicks with Grandmama on Easter morning.

Grandmama puts on a great spread!

Ella asks to get her eyes checked and surprisingly, she's 20:60, so glasses are certainly in her future.

We meet the DiPetrillos at Avalon for an afternoon concert.

Ella enjoys Auggie.

Melting Pot for Jenn's birthday.

We have pears!

Making gnocchi.

Who has two thumbs and four eyes??

Ella does!

The butterflies have all hatched.

Caprese kabob taste test... we mix and match our own tomatoes (vine ripe or cherry), cheese (blue or buffalo mozz), salts (ground white or pink), olive oil, vinegar, and fresh herbs (basil, sage, oregano, or peppermint).
Oddly, blue and peppermint makes a great combo!