February 17-18, 2017 - Killington, Vermont

It is a little earlier than our normal flights, but we head off one early Friday morning for Albany, NY.

Snow is piled high along the roads, a good sign of good skiing.

After an hour of driving, we finally make it to Vermont, my 50th state!

Ella enjoys being out of the car for a while.
She's really going to enjoy this next bit....

Snow tubing!

Instead of walking up the hill with your tube, you can ride the tow lift!

It is a great track down the golf course.

...but the lift up is almost as fun.

The next morning, Ella gets phyched-up...

We check her in to ski school

and we go explore the mountain.

We catch up with Ella after her lesson, grab a bite (and a beverage), thne hit the slopes as a family.
(Sometimes I have to push Ella up small hills or across flats since she doesn't have her own poles. We'll be fixing that.)

We completed our first day on the mountain. The sticker can offically go on the helmet!