January 29, 2017 - Columbus and Providence Canyon

Ella wakes up and plays as we get ready.

As we head out, I see this and am amused.

Yelp helps us find a local diner for breakfast...

The girls are excited about their red velvet pancakes (with Ella's in the shape of a snowman with bacon arms)!

I'm happy with my Cap'n Crunch french toast with peanut butter.

We head back to something we saw on our walk to dinner last night...

A small bridge to an island in the Chattahoochee River.

We have to explore it!

So many rocks to climb on.

We head down the road for the inspiration for the whole trip - Providence Canyon.

What started off as an accident, a terrible farming technique, turned into this canyon over a hundred years.

Ella gets some quiet reflection

and some play time before the long drive back home.