January 28, 2017 - Animal Safari, Columbus

We decide to take a weekend road trip to Pine Mountain Georgia, home of the Wild Animal Safari.

They have some animals on exhibit like a zoo,

including this goofy little unicorn-like goat,

frisky pea fowl,


and 'roos.

But the cool part is that you can rent gorgeous automobiles like this (or take your own) and

drive into a wide open area with free-roaming animals.

They love being fed, so bring some feed!

The bison are particularly aggressive and scare away most other animals.

Some animals are rather calm,

but some are frantic.

We could have spent more time with the giraffe, one of the more popular animals.

Its rams like this that made me glad we rented their car.

A Zonkey!

Before the emu got this bag stuck on its head. No pics of that, sadly.

Beware the camel.

Great trip!

Then to the hotel to get the slobber off us and head across the Chattahoochee back to Georgia for dinner.

At the end, they invited us back to see the kitchen.

They made us ice cream lollipops as treat. So cool!
Epic Restaurant certainly lived up to its name.