September 18, 2016 - White Water

Since we're Six Flags members (and they now own White Water), we decided to hit White Water on the last day of the season that we're in town.

We have a great time!
The weather is supposed to be really bad (and it does rain on us a few times, but not with the thunder that was predicted). However, that only served to keep the crowds away.

We have our run of the place.

We hit the wave pool, which Ella and I didn't do earlier in the season.

We got to ride so much - with almost zero lines.

Ella goes down the slides so slowly, that they gave me the green light too early and I cought up with her right before the end.

That's a good one to end on - before anyone gets hurt!
(Sorry, no pics of Jill. She was our guest photographer as she decided to sit out a few rides like I did at Six Flags. Thanks, Jill!)