September 11-18, 2016 - Color Run weekend at Ella's school

Undoing Ella's braids reveals some crazy hair!

Today is going to be a big day at Ella's school!
It starts with the Emerald City extravaganza, a 'Wizard of Oz-' themed day for the entire 1st grade,

then the Color Run, their big fundraiser.

The kids run through a long course (about a mile) and get sprayed with paint powder at various stations.

One of the final straightaways.

Finally done!

That night, we go back to the school for an outdoor screening of the cartoon movie, 'Zootopia.'
The kids dance to a DJ while we wait for the sun to go down

and the full moon to come up.

The next day, Ella can't make it though the UGA-Missouri game.

(Neither can Jill.)