July 11-12, 2016 - At Sea and Cozumel

After a day of travel and a day at sea, Ella relaxes in the window as Jill and I get dressed.

I love this picture of our little bookworm.

We dress up for the formal night picture.

We're in Cozumel the next day for the kids' first snorkel trip.

The water is clear and warm, so in we go!

Jill holds onto Megan while I keep Ella.

I let Ella swim on her own, though I stay really close.

Snorkel girls.

We leave our spot and head to a nearby beach.

There's soft sand, comfy chairs, and lots of inflatable toys!

After an hour or so, the kids relax on a raft.

Sean conquers the tall stairs.

Kelsey and Bridget kayak around the perimeter.

Jill and I paddleboard.

So much to do!

The teeter-totter is a big hit as well...
Adults hold one end down while the kids get organized.

Quinn plays at the top while he waits for others to join him.
When they do...

I get flung way up...

The sail back turns into a dance party

with free beer and rum punch to keep everyone happy.

We're finally back to the ship.

We head out for another drink or two before

boarding the ship and heading to Grand Cayman.