MAy 21, 2016 - Wine Tasting

The wine tasting starts at Stryker, a gorgeous setting, even during some light rain.

Palak found herself a nice sittee.

Over to Lancaster, Ella is enjoying reading books, but hides when I try to take a picture.

Eduardo gives us an education on the highest-end wines we encounter this weekend.

Palak's seemingly-innocent rosemary clipping starts a weekend of unbridled theivery.

Outside the third winery of the trip (Stuhlmuller), we enjoy the vegetation.

Baby grapes!

Nice orchard.

Group shot before heading into town, then back to the house.

Sunset out back.

Wicker and bubbles.

What a scene!

Hot chicks.
OK, while Palak didn't actually steal this lemon, she was my inspiration.

Here's another inspiration... my man-crush.
That's not sunset in his glasses; it is the reflection of my adoration.

Sniff... Josh takes a picture of his man-crush, Jason.
I feel so jilted.

Let's all put the cameras down now.
Nothing more needs to be seen here.