May 6-8, 2016 - Pickens County Rodeo & Ella Loses a Top Tooth

The weekend started shaky as Ella finally decided she wanted her tooth pulled.
She was so scared!

But once it was out, she was relieved.

In our back yard, some bluebirds (we think) made a successful nest in our birdhouse.

The highlight of the weekend was going to the Pickens County Rodeo!

We check out the anmials on the way to our seats.

There is single and team roping, barrel racing, and bull riding.

There are a few exhibitions as well, like this old guy rustlin up longhorns without using his hands.
(Just leg controls over his steed.)

He gets them up on his truck.

The kids, then the women have a race to catch flags on the back of two calfs for prize money.

Ella didn't do it, but Jill and Lolly did!

Ella did go ride the mechanical bull, though.

The clown entertains the crowd between bull riders.

Fun night!

The next morning, Ella shows off her new smile in front of our new yard art.