May 26-27, 2016 - Easter Weekend

Big Canoe has an annual Easter tradition that includes a cute petting zoo, but of course features an...


Ela is excited.

The madness starts

and quickly parents follow

Within seconds, it is over with nothing but some cracked eggs in the field.

After briefly checking out what toys and treats are inside the eggs, Ella gets her face painted.


Back to the petting zoo for a bit...

Then we hit the Big Canoe Animal Rescue to meet the six puppies that were recently born there.

This is Hershey.

They're exhausted from all the attention.

Back to the house to make dinner.

Making devilled chicks for Easter.

Grandmama brings Ella some quarter collecting books, so we spend some time looking for all the US states.

Finally time for Easter supper.

Full plate!

The weather isn't awesome, but the dogwoods are starting to wake up.
(They'll be gorgeous next weekend!)