December 29-31, 2015 - San Diego, days 1-2

Ho-hum... another day at the airport.

OK, this is different... Flying first class across the country - and even better... sitting next to Uncle Paul!

One is so into work; the other is so into a movie.

We descend over some cool countryside.

Ella doesn't care.

Almost there!

We all arrive, hang out at the hotel, have dinner, then hit the Maritime Museum the next day.
Quinn takes control of the submarine.

Man the cannons!

San Diego hosts a bowl game tonight, which means a parade. Who knew?

The Wisconsin band thunders through. We were all impressed!

Then the USC Trojan band goes by and we were all oddly disappointed. The Badgers were much bigger, louder, and more entertaining.

So many balloons!

Harbor tour!

About as close as we want to get.

Cool city view with one of three aircraft carriers in the area.

Activity time back at the museum.

A proud Ella poses with her boat and her lighthouse.

The next day, we head out for a walk

and a climb.

It is so fun to be out in Southern California in late December.