October 17, 2015 - Into the Woods at Big Canoe

We hit a new, longer hiking trail at Big Canoe. Ella leads the way, as always.

We are rewarded with cool trees like these.

Looks kinda like a booty.

A little more trunk makes it a bit more phallic.

A view from under the covered bridge.

The base of the former bridge.

One little mudbug hangs out in the cool stream.

I show it to Ella, who wants to catch it.
It is too fast for us - and the water is too cold to chase it.

Way back in the woods, we find this plaque on a bench.
The name "Ellen Wren" catches our attention.

Covered in woodpecker holes.

Styling on a bridge.

With the walk behind us, we play a few rounds of croquet before cooking dinner and having a fire in the fire pit.