October 4, 2015 - Around Albuquerque

Waffle Dogs at the Central Grill for breakfast...
(Sausages dipped in waffle batter, fried, then dipped in maple syrup.)
So good...

We hit Petroglyph National Monument

and wander through some ephemeral stream beds.

Climbing up the rocky path.

Then off to the children's museum, which was really cool.

The biggest elevator I've ever seen - with couches, toys, and a piano.

A make-it-yourself accoustic pinball table, which Ella loves.

Drawing shapes with cool computer games upstairs.

Ella and I build a dog house behind the museum.

Off to a Casa Rodena, Ella's 17th winery.

Very southwestern.

We have an adorable booth.

Then to downtown Albuquerque to walk around for a bit before getting to bed early.
Tomorrow is going to be a long day!