October 3, 2015 - Balloon Fiesta

For Ella's birthday, we go back to New Mexico.
The first morning (before we get accustomed to Mountain Daylight Time), we hit the Balloon Fiesta early for the morning glow.

A few brave balloonists go up in the dark to help identify wind speeds at various altitudes.

Time for our balloon to be inflated - and I get to help.

It is a bit heavier than it looks, but I get used to it.

Fire it up!

Hear we go!

Wow... the fairgrounds are crowded this morning.

The girls are fascinated by the balloons.

Flying family!

We love watching the burner, though we're really close to it, so it is really, really hot.

Going over the Interstate 25...

After one hour and a whopping 3.6 miles, we brush a tree and set down in a hospital yard.

Hanging out in the envelope as it slowly deflates.

The other guests in our balloon.

Helping to deflate the balloon!

After it is all over, we get a history lesson and traditional champagne.

Afterwards, we hit the ABQ Zoo.