Sept 27, 2015 - Ella's 6th Birthday Party

Ella wants a face cutout for her butterfly-themed party, so we start a weeks in advance.
We settle on a design and work out where to put the holes...

Then we start coloring.

We finish it a few days before the party.
Levi and Ella are the first to get their pictures taken.

Then Genevieve, who looks like Ella's sister, arrives at the party.

Kaitlyn makes it, too.
It turns into a pretty big party.

Teté joins the pictures as well.

Time for cake!
Ella no longer cries when people sing to her, though I still think she doesn't enjoy it.

Blowing out the candles

and making a wish!

Another activity - making butterfly wings.

Ella is very serious, but

some of the kids (like, all the boys) just want to run around with their dragon wings.

The last three au pairs all make it.
That's awesome!

Teté pained faces - and does a great job.

She and Justin hang out for some extra time with Ella after most guests leave.

We get home to open a special delivery... a ton of hand-me-downs from Bridget.
Ella is most excited about the shoes.
(Oddly, she gets that from daddy.)
Overall, a very successful birthday!