Aug 8, 2015 - At Sea

On the last morning at sea, some of us go to the 'Cat in the Hat' breakfast.

I hope you can read the menu because it was really cool.

Daniel is excited!!

The girls enjoy their fruity appetizer.


So many Dr. Seuss characters come around and visit the tables.

This is the food on the table next to ours. It is so picturesque and our first glimpse at what is coming our way.

Of course I get the Green Eggs and Ham.

Ella gets the cartoon pancakes!

Same shot with a napkin roll on her head like a bow. (Her idea.)

Colorful table!

I'm a little intimidated by the green eggs.

In English, this guy is Sam, as in "Sam, I am."
In Spanish, his name is Juan Ramon, as in "Huevos Verdes y Jamon con Juan Ramon."

Dessert parfait.

Final shots as we head out.

Skipping to Analiese at dinner.

She gets carried around the dining room by our main server, Nemanja.

The ship's main atrium is pretty cool, by the way.