Aug 5, 2015 - Curacao

The morning routine... breakfast and play games.

We get buzzed by a military copter today. Interesting. We assume it is Venezuelan, but don't see any flag.

Off the boat!

What a cute little island!

The girls love their matching shirts.

Downtown is very touristy, so we keep walking

and find a nice market several streets back.

Cashew trees!

Family photo op!

They'll climb on anything!

The main bridge from the port to the town floats - and swings to the side for boats.

The upper bridge is lazier.

Family pictures!

Ben, Jill and I hang out for a drink.

but first... where have you been all my life?

Someone has to have a blue drink!
Jill takes one for the team. (I have a beer.)

A couple of parting shots of Curacao.

On to Aruba!