Aug 4, 2015 - La Romana, DR

Another day, another country.

Interesting photo op in the obligatory customs area / gift shop.

We take a bus into town, past some desolate countryside (for a tropical island), then over rivers, etc.

The only thing we find in this town is a market in the main square.

The sell crafts and freshly-rolled cigars.

Everyone goes back except us and Megan.

My girls for a few hours...

We eventually head back to the boat, not passing up this neat cutout.

Back on board, the girls have to finally try mini-golf.

Then game-time with Carmala!

Dinner is always an event.

Tonight, there is music and dancing.

The kids gather around the glass wall to look down at the entertainment below on the lower floor of the dining room.

Not our favorite stop, but we certainly made a good time of it.