Aug 3, 2015 - Grand Turk

First stop...

We walk around the shops that line the cruise port,

then hit the beach.
I don't think we've ever swam in the shadow of the cruise ship before.

We enjoy the beach.

...but there is a huge pool nearby...

A few others find it, too.

Annaliese is adorable.

We enjoy margaritas.

Daniel mixes drinks with the leftover pitchers and cups.

The crowd starts to thin as it gets later in the day - and the girls love the elbow room.

As we leave, we pass by a strange memorial/exhibit.

Well, back to the boat.

The water is beautiful.
(and check out that pink lake in the middle of the island)

No filter or editing... this is the water straight down from our room.

The girls have naked-time on the balcony.