July 4, 2015 - Parade, Palak and Fireworks at Big Canoe

The first event of the day is the dog parade, where the residents and guests of Big Canoe decorate, dress up, and occassionally spray paint their pets.
We thoroughly enjoy it.

Next up is the bike parade.
(We cheat with a scooter.)

Most were ppretty normally,

but a few were over the top, like this bald eagle towing her sister/hatching bald eagle.

Next, we take a walk on a trail, where we pick and eat blackberries.
(I had cut my finger with one of our new knives. Wouldn't have with the old, dull ones, but I certainly did with this new one!)

Palak joins us - and she agrees to cook for us.

She teaches Ella how to tip the asperagus.

"Mommy, smell the seasoning."

Palak loves fried chicken.
What can be more American than making someone else cook for you?!

It was a great meal!

Afterwards... fireworks over Lake Petit.

Palak brings Ella sparklers.

What a fun 4th!