June 7, 2015 - Bear Hollow Park in Athens

The morning after the wedding, we have brunch, then hit a quaint park in Athens.
We start on the nature trails.

We see tons of turtles swimming in the pond and cool birds like thie great blue heron

and this other heron (perhaps a tri-colored or maybe a night heron).

This duck is sitting on a nest, so we leave her alone.

These get their feathers ruffled as we walk close.

Ella loves the ducks.

Off to the other part of the park - a small zoo of injured or rehabilitating animals.

They now have three black bears.
We only remember one - and in a smaller cage.
(They now have a couple of acres to roam.)

Our little cub.

Of course we have to do all the cutouts.

Jill loves it when Ella gets her hand in the picture.
Great day at the park!