June 6, 2015 - Jen & Caleb's Reception

Time for wedding pictures!

My girls pose with the getaway car.

That kid still isn't smiling!

Els and I watch the first dance.

Donna and Jimmy give sweet toasts.

Bill & Carey win the 'longest-married couple' contest.

Father-daughter is sweet and calm.

Mother-son is a bit wilder.

The little girls (Ella, Ava, and Molly) have a great time with each other.

Alexander turns heads with his breakdancing.

The girls dance with Jen's friends.

Lolly takes Ella out for a dance.

We send the couple off with sparklers.

Molly and Ella have fun!

Absolutely exhausted.
(Ella slept past 10 the next morning.)
What a fabulous day!