June 6, 2015 - 19-Year-Kiss, Jen's Wedding Day

It is a warm, sunny spring day, so we head to campus for a walk.
We stop by the fountain and realize we had our first right kiss here 19 years ago...

So we kiss again - and Ella takes a great picture.

The relatively new statue of Abraham Baldwin.

I throw Ella into a tree.

She rings the chapel bell for the first time - and has a ball!

Off to the wedding...

I find the shadiest spot to park.

I grab myself a classy drink (and a picture) before heading inside.

The barn looks perfect.

Ella relaxes with Jen before their respective walks down the aisle.

I love the cotton at the alter.

Nana helps Jimmy down the aisle.

The flower girl is enjoying her part.

Jimmy Nall walks his daughter down the aisle.

Ceremonial mixing of sand.

The kiss!

Ella tries to grab the hand of the ever-reluctant ring bearer.

She gets it - and he finally smiles a little.


The preacher looks to be in heaven.
What a perfect wedding!