June 5, 2015 - Jen and Caleb's Rehearsal

After work, we pick up Ella and head to the site of Jennifer Nall's wedding in Bogart, GA to find an awesome barn

and general store.

Soon the rehearsal starts.
Ella takes her place on stage as flower girl, next to Hannah Nall.

Her assignment is to walk down the aisle with a little boy who clearly does not want to be here.
(Dresses and boots are a request of the bride, but I like it.)

...but they're adorable!

Jimmy practices walking his daughter down the aisle.

After dinner (fried chicken and all the fixins), Hannah gives the happy couple a touching toast

as does [Caleb's brother].

His may be less touching, but is certainly entertaining.

A quick picture with the bride-to-be

Then we mosey out to head to the hotel.
(Ella has been doing this thing where she wants to hold on without being carried, so I indulge.
It is a long walk, but she makes it!)