June, 2015 - June at Big Canoe

First, a few pictures of Jill and Ella dancing at a concert at the Terraces.

Ella has been very good, so we take her to the American Girl Botique to pick something out.
(She gets a set of crutches, casts, and a splint for her doll, Kit.)

We finally hang the canoe that we painted Memorial Day weekend - and Ella gets spotted as she climbs the ladder for fun.

She loves being a big girl.

It takes an hour or so,

But we finally got it all hung!

The fairy house moved. (We found out later that the original tree was cut down.)
So, as a house-warming present, Ella and I made them a path.

A deer makes breakfast out of the acorns in our front yard.
She came by rather often - we think because everyone else had laid fresh pine straw and covered the acorns. So, when we finally do our yard, she'll probably move on.